• JP

Brisk Eatery Identity

Updated: Nov 9

In Identity design class at OSUIT (Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology), the course, "emphasizes branding solutions in identity design."

My client was a fast-casual restaurant, inside of the Soulard Farmer’s Market in St. Louis, Missouri.

They are open from 7 to 5, Wednesday – Saturday. Locally sourced breakfast & lunch dishes are the focus of this restaurant.

The restaurant name is Brisk eatery; meaning quick, active, or lively. An important aspect of this brand, is the emphasis of having the “brisk” pace of a fast-food place, w/out sacrificing the quality of a sit-down joint.

Here we have the color logo, versus the black & white. The icon is utilized in stationery, packaging, and their online presence.

Several versions of the logo were played around with, leading up to this spinach leaf shape. One thing that sold the first solution I came up with before this, was the visual movement I could pull off with that shape, leaning to the right.

According to my research for the project, the voice of this brand resonates heavily with 18-35-year old’s, that care about local, healthy food choices. As mentioned, it is in a farmer’s market, which brings in the warm, down-home feel into the mix of emotions customers get.

Two fonts are associated with the brand, along w/ bright orange, and a natural green.

There are 2 menu screens in the actual restaurant. The wood texture is an element used in the physical restaurant signage.

Stationery, employee uniforms/t-shirts.

This is the packaging materials for the restaurant. Takeout wrappers, cups, and their takeout boxes.

Dishes like these, are what they can get from this restaurant. This print ad would likely run in local magazines to St. Louis like Gateway News Stand, Culture Vibes, things of that nature.