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Please read the following page/document before continuing to use this website.  This privacy policy covers how your information will be stored, utilized, and used by my website host engine (, to maintain this site.

1.) Overview  a.) By using my services and visiting, you agree to the privacy policy terms listed in this agreement.

b.) Your name, email address, phone number, social media, and all other forms of contact you provide to me, will not be sold to third-party organizations through Joey Perry/JoeyPerryArts.

c.) In the event that your project requires production, you agree that I may disclose your name, and at least one form of contact to the production facility, in case they need to contact you concerning your product.

d.) After a commission is complete, you acknowledge that I am required to keep your name and contact information on file for financial records, tax filing, and organization.  You also acknowledge that this will need to be disclosed to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, and any tax preparation firms and entities that are used to file taxes for the Joey Perry Arts registered business.

e.) By commissioning from JP, you agree that your name, logo, brand image, and a short description of your project that I worked on, can potentially be used for promotional reasons by me, and JoeyPerryArts.  This description can be mentioned in my personal resume to seek employment, a portfolio to bring in prospective clients, and social media, to promote the business to the general public.

f.) JoeyPerryArts may retweet, repost, or share public posts by clients, showcasing artwork created by JP on social media for promotional reasons.  This includes public reviews of JoeyPerryArts services products and services.

g.) By using my services, you agree that in the event your name, location, email, phone number, age, gender, marital status, race, nationality, political affiliation, or religion are collected by my web host (, it may be stored.  This information is not shared with anyone, but I can review this information, to look for trends, patterns, and idiosyncrasies, to learn more about my clientele, and further market the business effectively.  This information is used for business strategy only.

h.) In the event that JoeyPerryArts’ online security is attacked, you release all liability to Joey Perry, and the business for this outcome.  I continue to do everything in my power, control, and knowledge to keep all information secure, but the scenereo explained above is out of our control.

i.) By using, you consent to the cookie policies enacted by my respective web host,  See the privacy policy of Wix to learn more about that.  IP Addresses may be collected by Wix, to give an automated general reading of the user location.

j.) You have the right to request nay information that is stored on file at any given time under law according to select locations and jurisdictions.

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