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North Wilkesboro Speedway

Brand identity concept of an abandoned crown-jewel NASCAR venue.  It was the very first NASCAR sanctioned speedway.  This is my visualization of what a renovated NWS could look like for fans.

2018 Ameriflex Challenge Shirt Promo Showcase banner copy.jpg

Fine art, motion graphics, social media content, and merchandising.  The Oil Capital Racing Series was my very first freelance client. It began with fine art commissions, and progressed to graphics.

Oil Capital Racing Series
Print Menu Mockup_Inside copy_edited.jpg
Junior's Logo-01.png

Restaurant franchise. The name & likeness is characterized by the late Robert Glenn, “Junior,” Johnson. His fearless driving abilities, and Hall of Fame success would earn him the title of, “the last great American hero.” Patrons experience a blast from the past, going back to the good old days of southern culture.

Junior's Burger Pit Stop

Race with no fear! This is the authentic dune buggy racing experience. Drift and jump at ease with the onboard computer. These buggies are equipped with Anti-flip technology.

Gravity Dunes
Motion Graphics

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