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Do you have a question about design services?  Check here, because it might already be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions page.

  • What images do I need for art commissions?
    Multiple photos from various angles to get a good look at your subject would be great. These photos will be printed out for references. Make sure to also send in any car numbers, people, sponsor logos, or other graphics you want featured along with the car. High quality, clear (non-blurry) photos are preferred. If you have a website, or social media account with pictures, links to that would be appreciated.
  • Can I utilize your work to advertise?
    I'd be thrilled to help spread your message and brand. I do ask that you notify me in advance to avoid unnessesary copyright disputes. Name credit, or word-spread about JPA somewhere in the ad would be much appreciated.
  • Do I donate art to charities?
    Absolutely! I am always thrilled to use my skills and talents to support charity, and to give back. The only thing I ask, is prior notice, so I have ample time to get something ready for your event.
  • How are prices quoted?
    For fine art commissions, price is determined by the size of the artwork. The costs account for the approximate time investment required to complete the project, as well as supplies and materials required. Graphic design developments are also quoted based on estimated hours, revisions, and materials, but this is tailored on a case-by-case basis to fit your needs and budget.
  • Is there an online store to buy art that’s already done?
    There are some artwork prints available now at however (while supplies last).
  • Can I come to your event?
    I'd be happy to, schedule permitting. If your event you would like me to attend is outside the state of Oklahoma, some type of aid with travel expenses is greatly appreciated. ** Please notify me well in advance if possible, so that I have time to make arrangements. **
  • Can I do a painting?
    I do have the supplies and materials to paint, but this technique is not in my wheelhouse. I am not a consistent painter as of the moment, as Prismacolor premier pencils is my most requested art form. Do not expect the same visual detail as some of my work, as I have only attempted painting a handul of times. If you are requesting something highly detailed, I would recommend going with my Prismacolor option.
  • What payment forms are accepted?
    I can meet you and accept cash if you are in the state of Oklahoma, or a PayPal invoice if it must be shipped. PayPal automatically sends the invoice in the form of an email, text, or link to make the transaction. ** All personal checks should be made out to, "Joseph Perry"rather than, "Joey Perry Arts" **
  • Do I supply frames/matting?
    Yes, I can, if you're interested. Any frames, matting, or extra expenses will be added to the commission price for the project. I typically buy frames, and get matting done at Hobby Lobby. I do not recomend shipping frames via mail (because of the fragile glass), and really try to discourage it. Even with the word, "fragile, handle with care" written on the package, it is still a huge risk.
  • How is artwork shipped to you?
    Drawings are shipped in a sealed plastic sleeve inside an envelope with cardboard for insulation, for the most protection during shipping.
  • What is the return policy for art commissions?
    In a custom project, I sketch the outlines, contact you, and send a picture of the concept to you for you to either approve, or disapprove of before I begin the bulk of the project. This is to ensure your satisfaction with the idea, before I invest major amounts of time into the project. THIS is the time to tell me you would like something changed, and express concerns. After this step has been crossed, returns are off the table. The final product is not shipped until full payment is recieved.
  • What do I need for t-shirt designs?
    High-resolution images of your car and/or subject matter are very important. If there are specific branding marks, such as logos, patterns/motifs, or fonts that you prefer, please send those to You may have to contact your vinyl wrap designer for these files. AI, PDF, and EPS are preferred.
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