• JP

What's it like at the Daytona 500?

Daytona is such a huge deal to me as a fan, to be able to say that I have been on the same grounds where some of the most iconic moments in NASCAR history, took place. It is called "The Great American Race", for good reason!

I brought up the idea of going with Kurt (my uncle), and he said that he would drive me there with his camping trailer, if I paid for race tickets and a camping spot. I started my first job at a local grocery store during summer break in 2017, to make it happen. It was hard work, but worth every penny. They say that you appreciate things more, if you worked for them, and that was certainly true in this case. I asked around, seeing if anyone had odd jobs around the house they needed done, to raise more cash when I wasn't working at the grocery store. I had never wanted something quite as bad as I wanted this trip to the 500.

Race Tickets, Fan-Zone, or (Pre-Race) Passes, and the Camping Spot all together were going to cost over 1,680 dollars. Since we were making a two-day drive to get there, I figured it was worth investing in a good camping spot. We ended up purchasing a two-day "Geico Horseshoe" camp-site. The "horseshoe" is a nickname for a section of the infield road-course that sports-cars use when Daytona hosts the Rolex 24-hour race prior to Speed-weeks.