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First sketch of the AP-Art Semester!

January 2018 - May 2018 is my last semester of College AP "Studio Art" at Tecumseh High School.

One of our first grades in the class after being assigned a sketchbook for the semester, was a weekly sketch grade due every Thursday.

The first sketch assignment was "Something beautiful, or your favorite thing to draw." Normally, my favorite thing to draw would be auto-racing scenes, since that is what my business is based around. However, I came across an old photo album; "New York 2009".

I still remember the trip like it was yesterday. Before my passion was motorsports, I liked to try to draw the Statue OF Liberty, Ellis Island, and the New York City skyline. It was fun to challenge myself t shade the robe of the statue, and the details of all the buildings.

It only took me a total of around three and a half hours to finish this masterpiece.

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