• JP

Big Apple Trip 1

Aside from art, and motorsports, my 3rd greatest passion is traveling to new places. Oklahoma is such a tiny dot compared to what’s out there to see. It gives me a thrill like no other when it is time to start packing for my next vacation.

Before my life-long addiction to racing started, my obsession was New York City. All I wanted to do in Elementary School was draw the New York skyline, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and imagine what it would be like to go see it in person. All I needed was a stack of copy paper, cardboard box, and a tape dispenser, and I could create a paper statue of liberty.

I kept asking my folks to take me to New York for months leading up to my 9th birthday, but they always gave a vague answer like “we’ll see Joey”, and changed the subject. They didn’t give me a flat-out yes, but it wasn’t a no either, so I didn’t give up. A few days before my 9th birthday, I asked again. This time, the response was “We’ll talk about it after school”. My birthday landed on the Friday before Spr